Hair Treatments in CT

PIA is a full service hair salon in Westport, and we are proud to offer specialized hair treatment services which will help keep your hair healthy and set in your desired style. From detoxifying treatments to deep conditioning, from keratin to straightening, our Westport Salon can get your hair exactly the way you want it. After all, providing you with the best style possible is our top priority and our passion, so we make sure we can serve you with all the tools you need to keep your style.

Your hair, just the way you want it.

Remember that your hair is just an extension of your skin. You wouldn’t let your skin go without nourishing moisturizer, so why would you do that to your hair? Regular treatments, like conditioning and keratin treatments, can go a long way to keeping your hair looking healthy and beautifully luscious. Our Salon also offers a special, exclusive line of Kevin Murphy hair products which can help you keep your hair in great shape between treatments. Our range of hair treatments along with our selection of high-quality products makes us one of the best beauty salons in Westport, CT and we remain passionate about seeing you happy with your unique style!

Hair Treatments

  • Keratin Treatments

Our CT Salon only uses the best products in the industry to perform our keratin treatments. Keratin treatments will help you control frizz, protect your hair with powerful keratin protein, and even shorten the time it takes to blow dry your hair! Available as a traditional keratin treatment or as a chemical-free treatment, this service will truly revitalize your hair.

  • Conditioning Treatments

In order to take great care of your hair and scalp, we recommend a deep conditioning treatment. This will put moisture back into your hair that is lost through daily activities, weather exposure and even certain styling products and procedures. You may notice that your hair gets particularly dry in the winter due to cold air, hats and scarves, and that it can also get dull in the summer from sun and wind. Let our professional stylists analyze your hair type and needs in order to choose a treatment that is uniquely tailored to you.

  • Brazilian Blowout Treatments

This amino acid smoothing treatment will last up to an amazing 12 weeks. There’s no wait time between the treatment process and being able to wash your hair, either. A Brazilian blowout will leave you with smooth and healthy hair, letting you say “goodbye” to frizz forever!



Peter Coppola Keratin Treatment $300
Coppola Keratin Express  $175
Brazilian Blowout  $250
Trissola Tru Treatment  $175
Detoxifying Treatment  $50
Deep Conditioning Treatments  $25 & Up